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Avana 50 Mg

Avana 50 mg at a reasonable price from the most trusted generic store to cure erectile dysfunction. Avanafil Generic is a prescription Drugs to treat the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection in men.

Active-Ingredient Avanafil
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 50mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Avana 50 mg?

Avana 50 mg is a tablet that allows adult males to overcome demanding situations while dealing with the sexual disease of erectile dysfunction. This male sexual sickness present in men makes them incapable of reaching a strong and hard erection.

But now that you have the Avana 50 as a remedy for it, you ought not to face the sexual troubles that you are going through for your intimate existence. With the Generic Avana 50 tablets, it’s far less difficult you can attain a robust and hard erection or even preserve it for a long sufficient time.

Avana 50 mg Tablets that include Avanafil provide you back to original erection competencies via inducing the activation of its standard substance Avanafil. This frequent element of the pills induces vasodilation or less complicated blood waft via the penis arteries and tissues making it relatively touchy and accomplishing the erection which you need.

What Is Avana 50 Used For?

Avana 50 is a remedy that is most effective and curable for male erection issues. Even if you have other sexual problems this medication will not prove to be fruitful for utilization at all.

Avana 50’s use is handiest safe as soon as the doctors approve you of the use of the drugs after the right consultation and prognosis. While prescribing the use of the Avana-50 pills the doctors will endorse you to apply the capsules, especially as a habitual and for a sure tenure.

Remember that Avana’s most effective motive temporary adjustments on your penis erection talents without being capable of treating the ED issues completely.

How Does Avana 50 mg Work?

Once typical Avanafil inside the Avana 50 mg pills is activated it starts offevolved suppressing the PDE-5 hormonal presence. Eventually, as this takes place yet another enzyme starts offevolved to boost secretion and it is the cGMP enzyme. Soon the GMP enzyme triggers the nitric oxide and this lets in the vasodilation of the arteries.

During this degree, the arteries and blood vessels would loosen up sooner or later letting blood waft end up a whole lot greater fluent. And accordingly, the penis sensitivity rise is also a method that it gets less difficult to erect your penis.

How to Use Avana 50 mg?

For your use, just swallow the medicine. However, because swallowing the medication alone might be difficult, it is constantly harder to use water to make it easier.


Avana 50’s dosage includes the standard factor Avanafil with an equivalent amount of 50mg in line with medication. The use of this medium electricity dose is handiest appropriate to patients once the medical doctors advocate it and handiest when you no longer find strong and difficult erections using alternative doses like Avana 100 mg or Avana 200 mg.

What Are The Side Effects of Avana 50?

Usually, the form of side effects you can anticipate after taking Avana 50 mg relies upon the competencies of fixing the moves of the drugs.

You ought to simplest revel in moderate facet effects like headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, belly cramps, dry mouth, palpitations, and so forth.

Or else you may even have a few intense issues even though these are very uncommon unless you relatively overdose the pill or have allergic problems to the use of Avanafil. These facet effects typically encompass chest pain, fluctuations in BP, vision blurring, and priapism troubles.

What are the Precautions to take earlier than taking Avana 50 mg?

  • While the usage of Avana 50 capsules you need to be cautious of a few things. Following these precautionary measures only helps you to keep away from side consequences and make certain your health is safe.
  • Avoid taking in something that incorporates alcohol or has narcotic materials like cocaine and marijuana.
  • Just after having the capsules, some patients might also experience slight headaches, dizziness, or nausea. Under such situations, you may have problems driving a car that puts you specifically at risk of a coincidence.
  • Some patients who have existing liver or kidney illnesses might not be encouraged to use Avana 50 mg typical Avanafil.
  • Even this consists of those men who have problems of a cardiac sickness such as experiencing chest pain or are already stricken by high blood stress, and cardiac arrest these days.

Generic Avana 50 and Alcohol

As we’ve noted below properly, taking in Avana 50 mg and alcohol may be incredibly dangerous. For one thing, Avanafil and alcoholic substances are pretty contraindicating to each other. Even the damaging troubles of each have some similar conditions.

For example, for both reasons you have headaches, dizziness, and nausea. It is due to this that you may have intense aspect effects like the ones referred to.

Avana 50 mg Tablets Contraindications

Avana 50 mg tablets can be contraindicated with sure drug treatments and other materials. Beware of your use if you are the use of the pills against different medicines that contain substances such as nitrate factors, alpha and beta blockers, or even protease hormonal inhibitory materials.

As for fashionable substances, the listing mainly includes warding off the use of alcohol and narcotics. Any such substances while taken in the presence of Sildenafil ought to probably reason facet effects inside the patient.

Avana 50 During Pregnancy

Avana 50 mg tablets are for strict avoidance for any female use. Avanafil the widely widespread content material of medicines can only assist you in getting strong and tough erections and therefore there may be no means for use in girls. Rather its determined use might also cause issues inclusive of numerous sorts of facet outcomes for the patients.

Storage Information

Storage records of the drugs are given on the again of each sachet of the pills. It teaches you to save the drug treatments best in locations that don’t have greater than 30 levels Celsius warmth and do not have an excessive amount of humidity.

Remember that you’ll want to find an area that makes kids’ attain inaccessible in the one’s regions.


Is it secure to pressure after having Avana 50 mg?

Since a remedy of Avana 50 should purpose capability dizziness and headache it’s miles better to avoid using it.

Can all males use Avana 50 capsules?

Usually who have moderate difficulty with ED and people who can maintain well to the moves of Avanafil standards are the ones who can use Avana 50.

Which brand of Avanafil does the FDA approve to be used?

Stendra is the logo of ordinary Avanafil that the FDA prescribes.

How lengthy can a conventional Avana closing be?

Avana doses commonly last for around 5 to 6 hours.

What are the age regulations for Avana 50 mg use?

You have to be 18 as a minimum for the usage of Avana but additionally, no longer be older than sixty-four.

Which is higher Viagra or Avana?

It relies upon the health of the affected person and which of these branded ED drug treatments is the patient more suitable for.

How to buy ED Pills Online?

You can effortlessly purchase Avana drugs locally from close by medicinal drug stores or maybe approach online pharmacy portals.


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