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Begma 100 Mg

An ED medication called Begma 100 is used to treat impotence in males. This medication’s active ingredient is generic Sildenafil 100mg. furthermore aids in enhancing in-bed sexual performance. Alpha Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of the Begma 100 mg pill.

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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Begma 100 is a remedy to decrease the issues of gradual penis erections. Its perfect recommendation is appropriate for guys who are dealing with troubles of impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Ideally to shop for and use the Begma 100 mg drugs one needs to get in touch with the medical doctors for a prescription is obligatory for purchasing and using the drug treatments. Doctors apart from truly recommending the tablets may have discussions with you about the ED signs you are dealing with. To verify that you have ED doctors may guide you to some diagnostic checks that reveal greater facts approximately ED.

Further relying on your age and health docs is probable to advocate a dosage timetable including a few precautions and safety measures that you want to uphold during your remedy period.

Usually, Begma 100mg produces a robust erection urge by way of growing the sensitivity of the penis vicinity with its regular conventional substance Sildenafil blockading the PDE-5 hormones and instilling vasodilation in the arteries surrounding the penis tissues.

Someone can also have side outcomes due to many motives that encompass overdosing on the medication or having widespread allergic troubles with the use of Sildenafil. Such facet consequences may additionally broadly range starting from slight ones together with headache or dizziness to even extreme ones that encompass chest pain and priapism.

Usually earlier than recommending you using the Begma 100mg tablets docs are probably to invite you about the presence of any other incapacity.

What Is Begma 100 Mg?

Begma 100 is a prescription use medicinal drug to cut down the outcomes of lagging penis erections. Usually, this type of dose is suggested for men who are having penis erection trouble which additionally affects their sexual lifestyles.

Begma 100 with an equivalent amount of Sildenafil can provide curing effects of overcoming erection dysfunction hassle for as long as the medicinal substance is in impact. Typically with the effects of one medicine, you can neglect approximately the issues of penis sickness problem for up to 6 hours.

Begma 100mg is a medium dose which may not be suitable for moderate ED instances. Usually, in such instances. Similarly, management of the 100mg dose may also be futile for those men who are having annoyed problems with ED. It is probable that in such instances the medical doctors propose a far higher dose of Begma inclusive of Begma 150 or Begma 200mg.

Uses Of Begma 100 Mg?

Begma prescription use is most effective for curing the disabilities of ED. But remember that the outright effects of the medication will not make you reap a difficult erection. Administering the drugs will not let you get a hard erection.

Rather what happens is that the outcomes of the medicine will genuinely permit you to triumph over the issues with ED hassle and help you to advantage an erection usually through stimulation and lovemaking.

Begma 100 mg and its use is probably restricted to short-term treatments for ED troubles. While the drugs may additionally supply you with an erection over the quick term of around 6 hours it is incapable of turning in such adjustments to arise permanently.

How Do Begma 100 Mg Tablets Work?

Begma 100 Tablet starts the same old method of erection production via the discharge of its usual element Sildenafil within your blood first.

This allows some hormonal and enzymatic adjustments to occur. The first of those is the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones and the following movements of the cGMP enzyme.

The latter of these will make nitric oxide and its vasodilation consequences come back active. During this time the arteries and blood vessels would relax and destructs which makes blood drift growth to the penis tissues.

Eventually, it’s miles this upward thrust in penis sensitivity that makes you gain sturdy and tough erections.

Dosage Of Begma 100

Usually, your dose of Begma 100 mg ought to rely on the severity of ED that you have in conjunction with your age and other lifestyle elements along with your sexual inclinations, weight loss plan, and dependency elements.

Generally, for moderate ED instances, docs may also propose you administer medicines simplest before the times you have sex. But for a barely severe case of ED medical doctors may additionally even advise a day-by-day pill use.

Usually, your dose tenure on the medicines is also probable to differ from a few weeks to three months up to the most stretch of continuous use for one year.

What Are The Side Effects Of Begma 100 mg?

Side results can also have many motives that could additionally dictate the kind of aspect effect you have. Adjusting to the dose to start with throughout the tenure might also most effectively cause mild side effects inclusive of headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and palpitations.

But such symptoms also can occur because of a moderate overdose. Usually in the occurrences of such facet results, you don’t ought to stop taking your dose absolutely at the same time as the docs may additionally lessen the amount of dose.

On the other hand, experiencing severe facet outcomes inclusive of chest pain, spikes in blood pressure, gradual respiration, imaginative and prescient blurriness, lower libido, and priapism can cause sizeable fitness problems. With such facet consequences occurring there could now not be any alternative as the medical doctors will ask you to stop continuing with the tablets till making further modifications.

What Begma 100 Mg Tablets Precautions Need To Take?

Needless to mention your recommendation on Begma 100 is in all likelihood to come with several safety measures. Some of the not unusual precautions and warnings are given below for your reference

General Instructions

  • Avoid overdosing on the pill by taking two or more drug treatments on the same day.
  • Never postpone informing the docs approximately your side consequences.
  • Intake of alcohol and other narcotic materials is in particular risky for it may induce certain facet effects on their own mainly headache, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting tendencies.
  • Having every other disorder you have to give the right information about it together with how long you have been tormented by such problems inclusive of the drug treatments that you are taking as of now.

General warnings

A preferred warning is issued to all of the patients who are stricken by cardiac conditions which include those having an everlasting coronary heart incapacity, a current cardiac surgical treatment, or people who are tormented by excessive blood stress already.

Other than this a caution is given to all lady sufferers to live out of contact from using the tablets for curing their unique sexual troubles.

When Not to Use?

Generally, the hints on not to use the medicine ought to come because of different factors. One opportunity is when the affected person is stricken by severe side outcomes which include chest pain, or priapism.

Other than this, docs can also not advocate the pills on various health grounds such as in case you had a cardiac stroke or heart failure which includes any suffering of principal liver or kidney issues.

Warnings for special population

Female sufferers need to remain careful of using the tablets, particularly in those conditions-


During pregnancy sufferers should not administer the Begma 100 mg tablets for it may simplest provide a cure to the male erectile issues.


As we told you above, ladies don’t endorse the Begma 100 mg time-honored Sildenafil drugs specifically because of their male-extensive movements.


What Are The Other Doses Under The Begma Brand?

Begma has many other dose editions which include 150mg, and 200mg drugs.

What Are The Substitute Brand Names For Begma?

In case you want to alternate the emblem of Sildenafil then you may recall taking in Cenforce, Suhagra, Fildena, and Silditop brands.

What Is The Name Of The FDA-Approved Brand For Generic Sildenafil?

FDA has to this point given its approval to the most effective brand of customary Sildenafil and this is Viagra.

What Age Group Males Should Ideally Take Begma 100 mg?

The secure age recommendation might be for a male who is ideally between 18 to 64 years old.

Where To Buy The Pills?

Any relied-on online frequent pharmacy will have a stock of Begma 100mg tablets. Aside from this, you can also method the brick and mortar shops.

Should One Take Begma 100 mg Being In The Driver’s Seat?

No, keep away from the pill whilst you force it. The reasons are pretty obvious when you consider that it may cause aspect effects such as headache, dizziness, and nausea causing lapses in your driving.

What Medicines Do I Need To Avoid?

Generally, some particular remedy types encompass the ones that have alpha or beta blockage dispositions. Other than this, protease-inhibiting capsules, are tablets that treat HIV and AIDS. Avoid taking those tablets that have a nitrate composition-based compound in them.


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