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Caverta 50

Caverta 50 mg belongs to a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors, mainly used to address dysfunction in adult males. The failure to maintain a firm and erect penis appropriate for sexual intercourse is erectile dysfunction.

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets In 1 Strip
Strength 50mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Caverta 50 Mg?

Innumerable men have difficulty in getting a stiff penis for the duration of sexual encounters. Not accomplishing and keeping an erection on the time of sexual intimacy makes guys pissed off, use Caverta 50.

The foremost cause of impotence is a loss of blood delivered in and around the penile place. When the blood delivery stops all of an unexpected in the intercourse organ, men no longer get a company erection.

There are many physical and emotional causes behind sexual fitness problems. An underlying health condition is a top reason for erection hassles. If the ED signs and symptoms pass on for endless weeks, doctors suggest men have Caverta 50 Tablets.

It is a strong impotence medicine that unclogs blood flow all over the genital organ. When the blood glide gets unrestricted, a penis gets an erection mechanically. Cavetra is a potent impotence medicinal drug that remedies impotence correctly.

Uses Of Caverta 50 Mg?

Caverta 50 mg is an effective erectile dysfunction drug that will increase blood delivery within the intercourse organ. The impotence capsules assist men in obtaining and sustaining a tough-on during sexual interest. This impotence medication belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors.

The medicinal drug works in a person’s frame speedy. The vital compound relaxes the penile muscle tissue and penile blood vessels. The comfortable penile blood vessels permit blood to circulate through the penis whilst a man is sexually inspired.

If a man is sexually aroused, the impotence tablet will paint. It is vital to take the ED drug 1/2 an hour earlier than having sexual encounters.

How Do Caverta 50 Mg Tablets Work?

Caverta 50 mg tablets is a PDE5 drug that effectively treats impotence. The factor unwinds penile blood vessels in addition to penile muscle tissue. To get enough blood to go with the flow within the genital organ, penile muscle groups and tissues must be easy.

The smooth penile muscle tissues and tissues will help the blood circulate the genital organ. Adequate blood flow can assist a man in getting the erection he expects. Sildenafil Caverta 50 medicine will paintings simplest while a man gets sexual arousal.

Dosage Of Caverta 50 Mg

Numerous dosages of Cavetra are reachable in online pharmacies. Talk to your healthcare company who can advise you on the apt ED dose. Other Lower Dose is Caverta 25 and Higher Dose is Caverta 100

As per your sexual fitness situation, a scientific company will endorse a prescribed medicine and dose of ED. Men want to take the drug in a special dose as it’s miles inform to them.

What Are The Side Effects Of Caverta 50 Mg?

Some probable aspect results that ED patients may encounter are headaches, disillusioned belly, dizziness, and blurred imagination and prescient.

Some different side effects are muscle pain, indigestion, and nasal congestion. Rashes, nausea, and flushing are different aspects of results that patients enjoy.

What Caverta 50 Mg Tablets Precautions Need To Be Taken?

  • Do not have nitrates while taking Cavetra 150.
  • ED patients with coronary heart, liver, and kidney disorders need to refrain from using this medicinal drug.
  • Men who’ve had a coronary heart assault or stroke ought to avoid taking this medication.
  • Stop consuming alcohol and avoid driving even as taking this impotence medicine.

General Instructions

It is essential to take the robust impotence drug with a meal or without a meal. The medication must be strictly fed in step with the instructions of a medical expert.

Patients need to take the medication about an hour before they plan to make love. In case you aren’t a victim of impotence, do no longer take the drug. The medication must eat most effective as soon as the afternoon.

General Warnings

  • Caverta must eat up only by way of men who have sexual fitness issues.
  • Men who aren’t above 18 years of age are not allowed to use this drug.

When Not to Use?

  • Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding moms ought to keep away from the use of this impotence medication.
  • Men who aren’t tormented by ED have not to have this ED medication.

Warnings for the unique populace


Women who are about to conceive have to not use Caverta 50.


Women who are breastfeeding their new child toddlers are not caution to take Caverta 50.


How effective is Caverta 50 MG?

The advanced great medicine is meant to repair erectile features in more youthful and older men. Taking this ED drug can improve impotence quickly in ED sufferers.

Can Females Use Caverta 50 MG?

Females are strictly prohibiting from taking this impotence medicinal drug. These ED capsules are curated only for male adults who go through impotence hassles for a long time.

Can You Use Caverta 50 MG For A Long Time?

You can not cross on the usage of these erectile dysfunction drugs for many months. Your medical doctor will tell you how long you ought to preserve this ED drug.

How To Order Caverta 50 MG Online?

Ordering Cavetra from an internet pharmacy is quite easy and it will help you get your medicinal drug very quickly. Follow a few easy steps to reserve your ED drug online.

Can you use Caverta 50 MG every day?

Medical carriers endorse impotent guys to gulp down those ED pills for a quick period. Once an afternoon, ED patients need to have this impotence drug to remedy erection hassles.

How quickly did Caverta 50 MG begin to paint?

As quickly as men begin eating the imperative drug, it’ll begin its action on your body within half an hour.

How Long Does Caverta 50 Mg Stay in Your Body?

The impact of erectile dysfunction medicinal drugs remains in a man’s frame for lots hours.


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