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Extra Super Avana

Extra Super Avana stands out in the global market as the best ED tablet, helping millions of men to treat sexually related diseases such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems.

Active-Ingredient Avanafil/Dapoxetine
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 200Mg+60Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Extra Super Avana?

Extra Super Avana is an aggregate of typical components and is a unique sort of male sexual pill. This medication is only suitable for a particular form of male who’s tormented by one-of-a-kind problems of male sexual problems.

These are male ED or impotence problems which might be called erectile dysfunction, a kind of incapacity in adult males that doesn’t let them reap a sturdy and difficult erection. But the potential of the pills can also help you remedy some other sexual disease in men that is extraordinarily common and is called untimely ejaculation problems where adult males ejaculate far too early.

What Is Extra Super Avana Used for?

Extra Super Avana Tablets is a tablet that is usable for adult males suffering from ED or impotence and the problems of premature ejaculation. These ED drugs contain a combination of two precise elements that help cure issues of male impotence and untimely ejaculation running in tandem.

The content of Avanafil is the only one that enables adult males with a stiff and consistent erection. The other prevalent element of the pills is Dapoxetine which provides adult males with durability of their ejaculation delaying it to provide complete sexual pleasure.

How Does Extra Super Avana (Generic Stendra) Work?

The substance Generic Avanafil which brings in a strong erection is the one that starts deactivating the actions of the PDE-5 hormones. Eventually, the vasodilation stage causes the blood vessels to ease letting blood glide more fluently. Eventually, the hard erection is available in a way to a rise in penis sensitivity.

The Generic Dapoxetine content material of the drug treatments causes the selective serotonin hormones to rise finally bringing a delay in ejaculating skills for adult males.

How to Use Extra Super Avana?

Using Extra Super Avana patients want to observe a specific dose habitually. You must avoid the use of drugs more than an unmarried time for everyday use. Also for everyday purposes, one should make certain that the medicines keep a periodic 24-hour time gap.


Extra Super Avana incorporates a listing of unique medicinal elements in them which are Avanafil + Dapoxetine. Let us discover approximately the precise dosage of the two ingredients in my view in the drugs.

The amount of widespread Avanafil inside the tablets is 200mg. This medium-energy ED-curing medication can motivate men with a strong and tough erection for around five hours.

The amount of Dapoxetine for curing premature ejaculation troubles is 60mg which is once more active for normally 6 hours.

Thus the overall blended dose of Avanafil and Dapoxetine prepared in a single remedy comes out to be 260mg. A different dose is Super Avana.

What are the facet results of Extra Super Avana?

Some of the motives for having facet outcomes may simply be an overdose. Or else it can additionally be a medicinal contraindication or general allergic dispositions to the components of drugs that cause facet consequences.

Mild troubles one may revel in encompass only having a mild headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly cramps, palpitations, and nervousness.

Rarely do the sufferers have troubles that are extreme like chest pain, vision blurring, drop in blood pressure, and priapism.

What are the Precautions to take earlier than taking Extra Super Avana?

While administering Extra Super Avana pills docs advise you to take fitness precautions and keep away from the usage of positive ingredients. Here is the precautionary listing for the usage of ED Pills-

  • Avoid the usage of alcohol or any addictive matters that contain cocaine in them.
  • Do not involve yourself in doing this kind of task that calls for quite a little awareness and attention. Just after taking your each day medication, you could have issues like feeling a little dizzy and having headaches and nausea. You should keep away from using a vehicle and avoid doing any shape of injury-susceptible duties.
  • The remedy is strictly averted in the males who’ve other current cardiac issues like excessive blood pressure, and valve issues, or the ones who have passed through a cardiac attack or a stroke.
  • Also, men having liver and kidney ailments have to avoid the usage of the Extra Super 100 mg Avana tablets.

Generic Extra Super Avana and Alcohol

Both the accepted ingredients of the Extra Super Avana Tablets alongside alcohol may form possibilities of getting aspect results. Alcohol intake and its presence inside the body at a time while the actions of Extra Super Avana are active may result in some side results like headache, dizziness, and nausea.

These are of path a number of the problems that crop up with taking alcohol too. Due to the contraindications, those aspects’ consequences can without difficulty become intense.

Extra Super Avana Tablets Contraindications

Extra Super Avana tablet and its use needs you to know about some medicines that during aggregate with the regularly occurring components of the ED Pills can likely contraindicate forming aspect consequences.

The maximum contraindicating drugs that may shape probabilities of massive side results are the ones that contain nitrates, alpha and beta blockers, and protease hormone-inhibiting substances. You are unfastened to take your present prescriptions to the health practitioner to let them check about the sort of contraindicating drugs that you are using properly now.

Extra Super Avana During Pregnancy

Buy Extra Super Avana is a medicinal drug that is best suited for men. Specifically, girls must keep away from using the medication under any circumstance whether they’re pregnant or not.

Storage Information

Storage of the medicines will require an area in your home that is not too warm with too much direct daylight coming in. It needs to also be low in humidity. But do not forget a critical point and this is to keep the medicines in a locked and concealed place so that your kids do not get clean and get entry to the drug treatments.


Should I use the drug treatments if experiencing adverse results?

No, it’s far better to seek advice from the doctors whilst having facet consequences rather than persevering with the dose.

What is the age recommendation for the use of Extra Super Avana tablets?

The minimum age that you have to be is at least 18 or better. But even docs receive allow you to use the medication if you are more than sixty-four years old.

How to intake the Extra Super Avana tablet?

For consumption best swallow the entire medicinal drug with water.

At what time should I take the Extra Super Avana tablet?

Usually do not take the drugs till you’re about to begin an intimate pastime together with your partner.

Is the Extra Super Avana tablet FDA-accepted?

No, around the world it is bought as an established emblem of ED drugs only.

How long can an unmarried remedy provide consequences?

Usually, both the elements of the Extra Super Avana tablets are lively for around 6 hours.

Do the Extra Super Avana tablets treat each disorder permanently?

No, Extra Super Avana capsules usage is carried out only that will help you provoke the outcomes that last for some hours and is for brief cause utilization.


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