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Filagra DXT

Filagra DXT tablets are used for treating Erectile Dysfunction and controlling premature ejaculation. The tablets are made up of Sildenafil and Duloxetine as active ingredients, weighing 130 mg each together. It can be caused by a lack of bloodstream or any rashness of the bloodstream in the penile region

Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate/Duloxetine
Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 100Mg+30Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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Filagra DXT: A Comprehensive Guide

Filagra DXT is a medication that combines two active ingredients, sildenafil citrate, and duloxetine, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) in men. It’s a combination drug that helps address both issues simultaneously, providing relief to individuals dealing with these conditions.

What Is Filagra DXT?

Filagra DXT tablet is a pharmaceutical product designed to assist men who experience both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It combines two active ingredients: sildenafil citrate, a PDE-5 inhibitor that enhances blood flow to the penis, aiding in achieving and maintaining an erection, and duloxetine, a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) that helps in delaying ejaculation.

Benefits of Filagra DXT

  • Treats erectile dysfunction effectively.
  • Helps in delaying ejaculation, and addressing premature ejaculation concerns.
  • Offers a combined solution for both ED and PE.
  • Enhances sexual performance and satisfaction.

How to Use Filagra DXT?

Filagra DXT should be taken orally with water, approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity. It’s crucial not to exceed the recommended dosage, and it’s advisable to avoid high-fat meals before taking the medication as it may delay the onset of action.

Who Manufactures Filagra?

Filagra is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare, a reputable pharmaceutical company known for producing various high-quality generic medications.

How Does Filagra DXT Work?

Sildenafil citrate in Filagra DXT works by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), allowing increased blood flow to the penis, which helps in achieving and sustaining an erection. Duloxetine, on the other hand, works by increasing serotonin and norepinephrine levels, thus aiding in delaying ejaculation.

Duration of Action

The effects of Filagra DXT typically last for about 4 to 6 hours, during which individuals may experience improved erectile function and increased control over ejaculation.

How To Take Filagra DXT

Take Filagra DXT as directed by your healthcare provider. Usually, it’s taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity. Avoid exceeding the prescribed dosage.

Other Strengths

Filagra DXT is available in various strengths, and the appropriate strength should be determined by a healthcare professional based on individual needs and health conditions.

Is Filagra as Safe as Viagra?

Filagra contains the same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) as Viagra, and when used as directed and under medical supervision, it’s generally considered safe. However, like any medication, it may cause side effects and interactions, and it’s important to follow prescribed guidelines and consult a healthcare professional.

Side Effects Of Filagra DXT

Common Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Upset stomach
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain

Filagra DXT Dosage

The dosage of Filagra varies based on individual health conditions and response to treatment. It’s crucial to follow the prescribed dosage provided by a healthcare professional.

Missed Dose

Since Filagra is typically taken when needed, there’s no concern about missing a dose. It’s not meant for regular daily use.


Taking more than the prescribed dose of Filagra can lead to an overdose, increasing the risk of experiencing severe side effects. Seek immediate medical attention in case of an overdose.

Mechanism of Action of Filagra

The sildenafil citrate component of Filagra works by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme, promoting increased blood flow to the penis. Duloxetine, the other active ingredient, works by affecting neurotransmitters to delay ejaculation.

Safety Information about Filagra DXT

  • Inform your doctor about any pre-existing medical conditions, ongoing treatments, or medications you’re taking before starting Filagra.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption while taking this medication as it can increase the risk of side effects.
  • Do not take Filagra if you have certain health conditions like heart problems or if you are using nitrates.
  • Use Filagra only under medical supervision and as prescribed.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Follow the prescribed dosage and usage instructions.
  • Inform your healthcare provider about your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking.
  • Store the medication as per the instructions provided.
  • Seek medical advice if you experience severe side effects or allergic reactions.


  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Do not take Filagra DXT with alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • Avoid taking this medication without consulting a healthcare professional.
  • Do not take Filagra DXT if you have certain underlying health conditions or are taking medications that may interact with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Filagra DXT

Q1: Can I take Filagra DXT daily?

A1: No, Filagra DXT is not meant for daily use. It should be taken as needed, approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity.

Q2: Is Filagra safe for everyone?

A2: Filagra may not be safe for individuals with certain health conditions such as heart problems or those taking medications that interact with its components. Always consult a healthcare professional before using it.

Q3: Can I buy Filagra online?

A3: Yes, Filagra can be purchased online from Arrowrxpills. However, it’s essential to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the online source before making a purchase.

Q4: Are there any age restrictions for using Filagra?

A4: Filagra is intended for use by adult men and should not be used by individuals under the age of 18.

Q5: How long does Filagra take to start working?

A5: The effects of Filagra typically begin within 30 minutes to 1 hour after ingestion, but this may vary depending on individual factors.


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